Share Your Greatest Hits.

Have you created an original lesson plan that’s a hit with the kids? In that case, please DO share your work. Help other self-motivated teachers get their students more engaged in STEM learning and earn some recognition for your efforts.

Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the submittal process. You’ll supply some basic information about yourself, like who you are and where you teach. Then you’ll enter a brief lesson plan description and upload any related files and videos. As a last step, you’ll add tags that will help teachers determine if your lesson plan will help them meet their classroom objectives.

Original and exciting classroom content is always in high demand. This is a chance for you to make a creative contribution in classrooms nationwide. Let your hard work and dedication be recognized—submit a lesson plan now.

Request a Lesson Plan.

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  • About 15 minutes to describe your lesson plan.
  • Lesson plan instructions in Word, PDF or Text format.
  • Links to Youtube video(s) of the lesson plan in actions.
  • Any LabVIEW VI, project and configuration files used in the lesson.
  • Supporting data or image files.


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