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5 Reasons Educators Love Teaching on the NI Education Platform

“When am I ever going to use this?” Answer that question once and for all with topics and techniques that work the way students think—all while developing career-ready technical skills. What’s not to love?


Students have never known a time without Google. They would rather text than call. And they say email is “too slow.” So teach where students live—on the screen. LabVIEW creates a digital view of your lesson for students to see and manipulate in real time. You’ll get to that ah-ha moment faster and have more fun along the way.


Get a
clearer view.

What you see is what you get. LabVIEW’s graphical environment illustrates exactly how your lesson works on the screen. They’ll get it at a glance.

Click. Drag. Relate.

By manipulating lesson data right before their eyes, students will be reinforcing the relationships that make engineering concepts click.

Guess & Check in no time flat.

With easy input and instant feedback, the class will test and retest quickly, finding insights through investigation, not by rote.


LabVIEW is already the industry and academic standard for engineering and science operations. It’s a workhorse—powerful and easy to use in taxing conditions. It’s no surprise teachers are discovering the benefits of a professional grade tool in their own taxing conditions, the classroom.


Do the

Smarter software. Smarter ‘bots. LabVIEW’s control and measurement pedigree makes it a perfect driver for both classroom and competitive robot projects.

Ahead of
the class.

Students bound for top university science classes will find LabVIEW waiting there for them. And they’ll be ready to succeed.

Skills they will put to work.

Your future engineers will arrive on the job trained to work in a LabVIEW environment. So they can focus on the big ideas.


Your students are racing towards careers in the information age. The earlier they learn to make digital connections, the better prepared they will be for the next level—whether college, work or just life in this century. LabVIEW introduces advanced digital-literacy concepts in a way students will enjoy.


with data.

Vivid controls and visualizers will help students find meaning and insight in the data they use.

Get with
the program.

LabVIEW uses a full-featured programming language that will have students thinking like developers quickly.

Teach more. Type less.

A graphics-driven interface introduces advanced coding concepts without the obscure syntax. So you can focus on the objective.


Your best lessons are the ones students connect to their real lives. Don’t wait for that ah-ha moment, make it happen with LabVIEW. No more theoretical labs. You’ll mix subjects and applications into complete activities that will finally answer the questions, “When will I ever use this?”


Mission control for your lesson.

LabVIEW connects and manages your devices on one dashboard. You’ll build sophisticated systems without chasing bugs.


With a generous palette of digital tools, you’ll be mixing disciplines and concepts into multi-discipline lessons in no time. The class will appreciate it.


Built to simulate real-world conditions for engineers, LabVIEW is perfect for pulling lesson ideas from the headlines to create true-to-life scenarios.


At it’s core, LabVIEW is a canvas for connecting data and ideas. There really is no one, single way to teach an objective with LabVIEW. And we’ve certainly not seen the best LabVIEW lessons yet. Those will come from teachers just like you.

Make each lesson your own.

Use LabVIEW’s programming engine to customize lessons for your class. Or turn students loose to invent.

Think it.
Build it.

Got the chops? Use the wide palette of built-in controls to create a lesson nobody has ever seen before.

and share.

LabVIEW lessons are light, portable and easy to share over the web and email. Click, save and start teaching today.


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