We must all work together to make STEM education a national priority. Our future depends on it.

NI is working to raise awareness with policymakers at all levels about the critical role STEM education plays in our future innovation, economic development, and competitiveness.

We closely follow the development of relevant policies across the all levels of government and work with partners in industry and education to advocate directly for policies that improve STEM education.

Many of the world’s most significant challenges will be solved decades into the future by the next generation of engineers and scientists.  To ensure that we have enough of these future innovators and to keep the U.S. innovative, secure, and competitive, we must:

  • Inspire students to pursue careers in science and math and provide them with the skills to seize opportunities.  
  • Support programs that introduce students early and often to STEM with hands-on learning experiences.
  • Attract, retain, and empower STEM educators with tools to teach STEM concepts.
  • Inform policymakers and elected officials at every level about issues related to STEM education and their implications for the economy.
  • Elevate STEM education as a priority at the local, state and federal levels.  
  • Foster a strong and united community of stakeholders from education and industry to engage effectively as resources for educators and mentors for students.
  • Strengthen leadership at all levels of government behind a coherent strategy to support innovation, disseminate and scale-up proven programs and support robust and sustained investments in STEM-related educational research.