NI Action Packs

Ready-to-go Kits Designed with Students in Mind

Whether you're teaching physics, engineering, computer science, or math, NI Action Packs have students "doing" from day one.

These action-packed curriculum supplements fit into your existing curriculum where you want, when you want. Use an action pack to add a hands-on exploration of heat transfer before studying thermodynamics or to make inferences from graphs of live data while studying rate of change and curve fitting. Then, see what students create using industry standard tools tailored for the classroom as students explore even further into the theory, all on their own.

NI Action Pack Components:

Features Added with You in Mind!

NI Action Packs include features to help you create your inspired lesson:

  • Mapped to Next Generation Science, Common Core Math, ABET, and Texas learning standards, with the option to be mapped to your state's standards
  • Modular sections you can use as-is, skip, or mix-and-match
  • Open-ended questions and projects to encourage your students to use higher-level thinking
  • Software, hardware, and materials you can use again and again for countless lessons and hands-on learning
  • Connections to real-world contexts, problems, and solutions

How to Order

  1. Email to request more information and a quote on myDAQ devices and miniSystems for K-12 use.
  2. Download the software for free at, keyword action packs.
  3. Order a kit of parts—including software on disc, miniSystems, and consumable materials—by visiting PITSCO Education at, keyword action packs.