Ever had a piece of a song rattling around in your head, but when you tried to sing it, it just did not sound right?  What you need is a little LabVIEW piano keyboard to explore your thoughts and bring out that tune.

This lab uses the analog output of myDAQ to generate an audio signal from a LabVIEW keyboard of one or two octaves. A small electronic audio amplifier adds plenty of volume.


• NI myDAQ
• 3.5 mm Sub-Minature Stereo Cable (comes with NI myDAQ)
• iPod or Other Music Source and Earphones
• Stereo Computer Speaker Set (optional)
• LM386 or TI TPA301 Audio Amplifier
• Resistor: 10 kΩ Pot
• Capacitors: 1 μF, 1 nF, and 47 nF
• Capacitors (electrolytic): Three 10 μF
• 8Ω Speaker
• Stereo Audio Sub-Miniature Socket

*This lab was taken from "Tinker, Learn and Do Engineering with NI myDAQ" with permission from the publisher. To find more labs like this, visit