Strategic Partnerships

Partnering with the Best

Well-chosen alliances help us all accomplish more together.

By joining forces with the leading developers of education programs and curriculums, NI is able to see its technology platform reach more students for more far-reaching results.

Programs Partnerships

Powering the LEGO® Robotics Platforms - Kids as young as age 6 take on STEM-related challenges and concepts working with these programmable robots using NI LabVIEW. NI software is an essential component to making LEGO WeDo and LEGO® MINDSTORMS® an inspirational and instructive toy. Students who use them are working in the same programming environment as top scientists; and they are tackling tasks that build the same open-ended problem solving and troubleshooting skills they will use as real-life engineers.

Supporting FIRST™ - NI software is used across every level of FIRST™ competition: from the FIRST™ LEGO League (FLL) to the FIRST™ Tech Challenge (FTC) and the FIRST™ Robotics Competition (FRC). Students in this highest level of competition use industry-grade NI software and hardware to program and control fully functioning robots in just six weeks. As a strategic partner, NI supports FIRST™ with technology, financial support, mentors, and leadership on their executive advisory board. Plus, more than 100 NI employees serve as FIRST™ volunteers and mentors

Sponsoring the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) - WRO brings together young people from across the world to develop their creativity, design, and problem solving skills through challenging, educational robot competitions and activities. NI is a global and regional sponsor of WRO, with plans to increase both its corporate sponsorship and technology integration in the future.

Curriculum Partnerships

Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Advanced Careers - SREB works to prepare all groups of students, especially high risk students, for the highest levels of education possible by creating multiple paths to college and careers, keeping academic and upper-level job options open. NI, along with other states and industry leaders, is partnering with SREB to develop sequences of academically rigorous, standards-based career/tech (CT) courses in high-demand, high-skill, high-wage career areas unique to the economic needs of each state as well as the nation.

Ergopedia Essential Physics - Students use NI LabVIEW software and physics to solve realistic engineering problems with this classroom curriculum.

The Infinity Project - This program on engineering is designed for high school students using NI myDAQ and NI LabVIEW. Students apply concepts through hands-on design projects to build a speaker, a digital FIRST™ player, and other tech-related items.

UTeach Engineering - This NSF-funded effort uses NI tools to train secondary school educators in STEM topics.

Project Lead The Way - This high school biomedical science curriculum uses NI software in hands-on learning applications.

Center for Engineering Education Outreach (CEEO) at Tufts University - Tufts CEEO offers reseach-based programming, physics, engineering, and science lessons, as well as teacher training and master's degree programs.

Top Universities - MIT, Virginia Tech, Berkeley, and thousands more university labs and engineering programs around the world rely on NI software and hardware to teach the next generation of innovators.

Non-profit Organizations Support

LEGO Foundation - NI contributes resources and employee time to run workshops around the world. Instructors and nonprofits receive training for using robotics projects in the education process.

Girlstart - National Instruments provides funding for this afterschool program in its mission to increase girls’ interest in STEM, and provides leadership on their board of directors.

Boys & Girls Club - NI supports the Boys and Girls Club of Austin's technology program, facilitates robotics workshops, and is partnering with this organization to create a robotics lab at its main Austin facility.

Thinkery - National Instruments supports this children’s museum’s Teach Reach program and onsite robotics classroom to introduce children to programming fundamentals.