Learn how NI myDAQ connects real-world data to LabVIEW so you can manipulate and process the results.


myDAQ Technical Training
Powerpoint training material covering data acquisition fundamentals and myDAQ programming explorations and exercises.(90 Minutes)

myDAQ Basics
Learn how to use LabVIEW with an NI myDAQ to acquire audio signals and use the digital inputs of the NI myDAQ.

More Resources

Learning LabVIEW 101
Familiarize yourself with core LabVIEW concepts and find learning modules on topics that use the skills of LabVIEW and data acquisition to accomplish various tasks for real-world applications.

Tinker, Learn, and Do Engineering with NI my DAQ
Try hands-on experiments with NI myDAQ

myDAQ Zone
Connect with other NI myDAQ users, view user-submitted do-it-yourself projects, and take advantage of discussion forums, how-to documents, free code and other resources.

Setting up your myDAQ
Find information on installing NI myDAQ software and setting up your NI myDAQ.

DIY Project Sensor List for myDAQ
Try these sensors in your myDAQ projects. Be sure to check their specifications and make safe circuits!

Videos: Using LabVIEW with myDAQ
Learn how to begin using NI myDAQ and LabVIEW together to measure and control the world around you.

Videos: Using the ELVISmx Instruments in myDAQ
Explore the myDAQ virtual instruments like the multimeter and oscilloscope